Become a Volunteer

Ickworth Church provides a number of exciting opportunities for people interested in joining its friendly, enthusiastic team of volunteers.

As a charity, we rely entirely on volunteers to fund the church's ongoing programme of tours and events, and to deliver a first-class service to our visitors.

Volunteer roles include:

  • Meeting and greeting visitors
  • Delivering tours of the church
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the churchyard, such as grass cutting
  • Events organisation and marketing
  • Organising church flowers
  • Researching the history of the church and the people buried there
  • Updating the website
  • Fundraising¬†

Interested in joining us?

If you are interested in volunteering and have some spare time to assist us, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us with your details and a brief description of the areas that most interest you. Your help is always greatly appreciated!

Ickworth Friends, Volunteers and Donations

Download our leaflet that provides information on becoming a friend of the church, becoming a volunteer or providing a donation.